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  At Zenith, we believe our employees are our assets. You will take on challenges that matter with people who matter in an organization. You will find the choices you want and the experience you need to grow faster than you ever thought possible. We offer great career opportunities in a variety of positions in a dynamic and challenging environment
  What do you want in a career? Is it challenging work environment that supports and nourishes both your professional and personal growth? The ability to fully utilize your skills, learn, contribute, be creative and innovate? Do you need benefits that recognize you as a unique, multifaceted individual but not simply as an employee?
  At Zenith, we work hard to give you what you need – a dynamic setting that's designed to help you thrive and achieve your maximum potential. It is fresh ideas and insight that drive our business, and those are what we seek in our employees. If you want to work for a company that challenges you and rewards your contributions Beyond Expectations! Zenith is the employer you have to seek.
  You will be treated fairly and realize the best income possible for your time. You will have access to the best work opportunities. Zenith is the most active and adaptive contractor in the marketplace that will enhance your development and reward you in every way. Zenith is proud to be one of the first E-commerce implementing contractors and directly processes salary and remuneration packages, communications and leave applications online. You will be paid consistently on time via bank transfer to your account which will be opened as soon as you join Zenith. You will have HR guidance that will help you with your career development. Our philosophy is to grow the business through share participation. This will be open to all.
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